The Syrian Army Finds Chemical Weapons workshop in Eastern Ghouta

Syrian government forces found a clandestine workshop for the manufacture of chemical munitions while sweeping through the village of Aftris in Eastern Ghouta after militants withdrew from the community, Syrian Arab Army Colonel Feruz Ibrahim told reporters on Monday.

“Presumably, the equipment of these munitions could be produced as part of a false flag accusation that government troops used chemical weapons”, he said.

Recently, the Syrian Foreign Ministry said that militants in Eastern Ghouta may stage a chemical attack in order to blame the Syrian government for it.

Syrian Deputy-Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad stressed that Damascus was ready to assist any investigation of chemical attacks in Syria but the international organizations declined to cooperate with the Syrian government.

Last week, the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation informed that terrorists were planning provocations involving chemical weapons in Eastern Ghouta.

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