Washington failed to break the summit on the Syrian issue

The Congress of Syrian national dialogue in the Russian Sochi launched on January 30, the Congress of the Syrian National Dialogue was held in Sochi, in which more than 1,500 envoys from various sections of the Syrian society, including the opposition, as well as official representatives of the United Nations and international observers, took part.

As a result of a difficult discussion about the future of long-suffering Syria, the participants managed to come to common lines on the necessity of stopping the bloodshed and solving the political issue of the country.

Three documents were adopted, which, according to experts, can have the most positive impact on the process in order to reach a peaceful settlement of the situation in Syria.

In particular, the delegates supported the final statement on ways to resolve the Syrian conflict.

«Respect and full support the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and unity of the Syrian Arab Republic, its territory and people, no apart of the national territory can be the object of concessions», the resolution says.

In addition, the congress participants signed an appeal to the leadership of the United Nations with a request to continue their work on Syria and approved the list of candidates for the constitutional commission.

In general, both representatives of the official Damascus and figures from the opposition are highly appreciated the initiative of Russia to hold the congress.

Particularly positive were the broadest membership of the forum’s delegates and the strict observance of the previously voiced dialogue conditions.

After the introductory part, all the observers from the guarantor countries of the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Syria left the meeting room.

«This is a very serious message from the organizers of the congress»: The Syrians must decide the fate of their country”!

It must reach the heart of every Syrian resident, wherever he is now,” said one of the delegates to the summit.

His satisfaction with the results of the work in Sochi was expressed also by the special envoy of the United Nations Secretary General for Syria, Steffan de Mistura, who earlier expressed some concern that the Kremlin could oppose the decisions of the Sochi Congress to the efforts of the international organization in the Geneva format.

«The forum in Sochi is capable of giving new impetus to the process of Syrian settlement and I am convinced of the need to continue this dialogue», the UN representative told journalists after the summit.

de Mistura confirmed that he was given a list of 150 candidates to the constitutional council, which will have to deal with the preparation of the updated Constitution of his country.

«I plan to hold broad consultations, including with those Syrians who did not participate in the congress and in accordance with Security Council resolution 2254, I will prepare a list of 45-50 people on the basis of the criteria that will soon be announced in Geneva», special envoy promised.

Recall that the congress in Sochi boycotted about 40 US-controlled groups of the Free Syrian Army, as well as detachments of Jaysh Al-Islam, Ahrar Al-Sham, Nur eddinl Al-Zinki, the Army of Eastern Lions alongside «Ahmad Abdo group».

For the most part, these opposing opposition forces have not so far decided on a decision to end the armed struggle for power in Syria.

Shortly before the summit, some leaders of the Syrian Kurds, whom the United States unceremoniously lured to its camp with a statement of intent to create the so-called «security forces of the Syrian border», in fact, the new Kurdish army, declared about their unwillingness to participate.

A few days earlier, a special meeting was held at the UN Office in Vienna, at which the «five plan» developed in Washington — the United States, France, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Kingdom — was proposed for the withdrawal of Syria from the crisis.

The text of the memorandum was not made public, however, as the Arab media reported, referring to informed sources, it refers to turning Syria into a parliamentary-presidential republic, decentralizing the country and carrying out reform processes and post-war reconstruction «under international control»…

«This document is absolutely unacceptable!

We believe that these proposals are aimed at destroying the peace process and, first of all, undermining the Geneva talks and the congress in Sochi », the head of the delegation of the Syrian government, BasharAl- Jaafari, commented on the plan.

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