The Syria Democratic Forces is preparing for the US withdrawal from Syria


Recent news indicated that, the Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) present in northern Syria have come to realize that the US protection won’t last forever, especially with the current changing circumstances, so they’re seeking to hold talks with the Syrian government.

There is no doubt that, the US military presence in northern Syria has become a strategically killed, based on the fact that Washington supports local Kurdish forces, which SDF is considered as the backbone of their forces, enjoy the hostility of most of its surrounding.

The pressure that is SDF is facing recently goes beyond the US interest, as Syria is slowly going to be the least important topics in terms of US national security, with all international challenges that Washington is facing, from the war in Ukraine to China.

The matter differs for the rest of the parties, for example, Iran is ready to risk everything in order to maintain its strategic presence in Syria, and this may lead to the possibility of the US forces being subjected to attacks to pressure them to withdraw their forces sooner or later.

Based on previous data, the Kurdish leaders began to conduct serious talks and negotiations with Syrian government in Damascus to settle the situation and obtain the possible self-rights, in return for the return of the normal state to control the border posts in the north, this time with the support of its old enemy, its new ally, with whom it was brought together by the hostility of the so called Kurdish project, as Syria-Türkiye relations normalization will be a major factor.

Türkiye is seeking to restore relations with its neighbor Syria after a dispute that lasted 11 years, and it was agreed in a meeting that brought together the defense ministers of the two countries that terrorist groups in Syria, including the SDF, must be eliminated, according to the Turkish Ministry of Defense.

The SDF is apprehensive about the steps of the Syrian-Turkish rapprochement, as it realizes that it will be the most affected by the return of relations between the two countries, given that they intersect when the SDF project is considered to have a separatist dimension, threatening the unity and stability of Syria, and Turkish security at the same time.

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