Germany: Putin tried to destroy our industry but he failed


The German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said on Monday that Russian President Vladimir Putin had failed to destroy German industry.

“Putin’s plan was to cause the collapse of German industry, but it failed,” Habeck said at an energy conference in Berlin.

Habeck continued that he hopes to overcome the energy crisis in Germany by 2024, and stated that thanks to the rapid establishment of gas import infrastructure, gas storage facilities are expected to be full by 2023 and until the winter of 2024, and this would lead to the gas being safe, stable and moderately priced.

According to Gas Grid Regulator Germany, a warm January so far has helped keep Germany’s gas storage facilities at 90% full, after a brief period of cooler temperatures in December.

While a gas shortage this winter seems unlikely, the situation could continue to deteriorate.

Habeck warned that if temperatures drop below freezing, Germany will consume about 1% of its gas reserves per day.

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