British Newspaper The «Sun» said in its editorial that «out of the Union will be allowed to re-confirm our sovereignty, and brings us to a strong future as an independent nation and the envy of everyone».

«The paper called on to support the UK getting out of the European Union in a referendum due in the twenty-third of this month.

The newspaper used the headline in Britain believe the phrase, but it highlighted the large letters part of it is a word out, The „Sun“ said: We are on the verge of making the biggest political decision in our lives.

New poll released on Monday afternoon in the electronic edition of the Guardian newspaper showed that supporters of the camp to leave the Union comes in the lead with 53%, and leads with six points on the supporters of the camp to stay in the European camp.

The results of the two surveys published over the weekend outweighed supporters out of the Union, while the average of the last six polls rate which has calculated refers to provide supporters to withdraw from the Union by 52% compared to 48%.

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