Kurdish militants loyal to the US army in eastern Syria launched massive arrest campaigns against young men and minors in the areas under their control, and immediately took them to compulsory recruitment camps.

The Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) are launching, for the third day in a row, mass arrest and kidnapping campaigns of young men from the age of 18 to 25, to serve in the self-defense forces in area of their control Northeastern Syria.

In Hasakah and Raqqa governorates, more than 500 young men were arrested.

The SDF set up permanent and temporary military checkpoints in the cities of Hasakah, Qamishli, and al Shadadi in Hasakah governorate, and arrested a large group of young men, in addition to the young men who were arrested, last Wednesday and Thursday, as the arrests included even university and institute students.

Last Wednesday evening, residents of many neighborhoods in the city of Hasakah, rallied in front of the SDF recruitment headquarters, demanding the immediate release of their family members that were arrested to serve.

The SDF requested large military reinforcements, including US-made armored vehicles to break up the gathering people.

In Raqqa, the SDF militants set up a checkpoint near the old bridge in the city, stopped all passing cars and citizens, and kidnapped the young men and took them to one of their nearby headquarters, to put them in the organization’s military camps.

It worth noting that the SDF carry out such recruiting campaigns from time to time, where SDF arrest and kidnapping young men to put them in their military camps and sort them on their military headquarters for a year and a half, to implement the agendas of the US army and to protect the convoys of trucks and tanks that steal wheat and oil from Northeastern Syria.

In the same context, an organization called “Revolutionary Youth,” which is directly affiliated with the PKK, which is highly active in the areas controlled by the SDF in eastern Syria, kidnapped a minor girl in the city of Hasakah with the aim of recruiting her into the ranks of the party, and her fate is still unknown.

A 13-year-old girl, Enas Talaat al Dhiab, kidnapped last Thursday, near her house in the Aziziyah neighborhood in the city of Hasakah, without knowing her fate and whereabouts.

Despite her family’s review of all SDF departments, their attempts to find out the fate of their daughter failed.

Sources working in the humanitarian field said that the aforementioned child was taken to a child recruitment camp in Jabal Abdel Aziz on the southwestern outskirts of the city of Hasakah, which houses about 400 children.

The sources pointed out that the number of children is much more than that, but there are no accurate statistics due to the wide geography of the region and the families’ fear of claiming their kidnapped children due to repeated threats to them, or using the clan mediation method and paying large sums of money for their release.

The parents called on the Syrian government, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the international community and international organizations to shoulder their responsibilities towards children, to pressure on the SDF and their operators, the US forces to stop their violations and abductions of children, return them to their families, and hold those responsible accountable and bring them to justice.

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