Politico said that US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy risks angering former President Donald Trump by not endorsing his candidacy for the elections, while trying to avoid a Republican civil war.

McCarthy is also trying to spare the Republican Party in the House of Representatives a civil war during the year 2024, indicating that while dozens of McCarthy members have already announced their support for Trump, many other Republicans are moving away from the former president, because of their fear that Their support for him will lead to their electoral doom next fall.

As much as McCarthy may risk impeaching Trump by remaining on the sidelines, the pressure will grow on him to choose sides.

Some Republicans already view McCarthy as a supporter of Trump, even without him officially declaring it.

Pro-Trump Representative Dan Mazer suggested to McCarthy that he clear the way for House Republicans to rally around the former president by the end of the primaries.

Politico considered that this leaves McCarthy in a difficult position amid the long primary battle that his party is waging.

While he controls one of the smallest majorities in the modern history of the House of Representatives, a few disaffected members can force a vote to remove him from office at any time.

Politico added that perhaps the only thing that everyone can agree on is that the fate of McCarthy and Trump will become more intertwined with the intensification of the presidential race, noting that many Republican lawmakers said that McCarthy’s support for Trump early could cause political losses.

Republicans in the House of Representatives by provoking division and infighting between the various Republican factions.

“There is no one more politically divisive than Trump… While McCarthy spent six months keeping us together, the worst thing he could do is take a stand for or against Trump,” said one centrist Republican.

A spokesperson for McCarthy’s political arm responded to the report, blaming the media for trying to drive a wedge between Trump and House Republicans.

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