The New York Times reported that Germany wants to build a new giant terminal to import liquefied natural gas in the port of Wilhelmshaven, in order to reduce dependence on Russian gas and import it from other sources.

However, there is only one small problem that has slowed plans to rehabilitate the port.

The New York Times revealed in its report, that construction works has halted at the port site, due to the existence of unexploded bombs goes back to the World War 2.

As Germany tries to consolidate its energy independence, unexploded ordnance in wartime has impeded the construction of new wind farms and natural gas plants alike.

Wilhelmshaven played a prominent role during World War II as home to one of the largest German naval bases.

The port was bombed repeatedly by the US and British air forces, and then at the end of the war, the Allied forces used the port as waste for unused munitions.

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