The European Union bans the export of Ukraine’s grain to five of its member states


On Tuesday, the European Union announced a ban on the export of Ukrainian grain to five eastern European countries.

The European Commission stated, in a statement posted on its website, that it has adopted exceptional and temporary preventive measures on imports of a limited number of products coming from Ukraine”.

The statement indicated, “The ban includes only four Ukrainian agricultural products, which are wheat, corn, and rapeseed and sunflower seeds, to Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia from May 2 to June 5”.

The Commission indicated, “At the same time, these products are allowed to pass and be exported to other member states of the European Union,” according to the statement.

The commission attributed the ban to “measures aimed at easing logistical bottlenecks related to these products in the aforementioned countries”.

These products can pass through the five countries by conducting a regular customs transit or going to a country or territory outside the European Union, according to the statement.

The European Commission added that the aforementioned countries committed to unilaterally canceling the ban on imports of agricultural products from Ukraine.

Last April, the five countries announced, at close times and unilaterally, a ban on importing agricultural products from Ukraine due to the accumulation of these products in their markets.

The announcement of the ban in those countries came in an attempt to appease farmers who organized protests against Ukrainian grain imports, which they believe contributed to an increase in the supply of grain in the local markets and the collapse of its prices.

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