The commander of the British army only 40 tanks, 12 frigates and destroyers in case of war with Russia


British media quoting the Commander of the British army saying that Britain has only 40 tanks and about 12 frigates and destroyers in case of war with Russia.

The numbers are the lowest in modern times prompting British MPs to say the country would struggle to fight a war with Russia.

According to the Daily Mail, the Russian military estimated to have lost more than 2,000 tanks in the conflict in Ukraine, but has the same number in reserve.

Britain’s armed forces chief, Admiral Tony Radakin, admitted he was not happy about the situation and that improvements needed in the stocks of the Army and Royal Navy.

The House of Commons refused to provide a contingent of 17,500 fully equipped soldiers to NATO, considering it a fantasy.

“It was clear from the evidence of the Chief of Defense Staff that the armed forces would now struggle to go to war with Russia,” MP Marc-François said.

Admiral Tony Radakin responded that Britain is investing like crazy in the armored vehicles that will be available by the end of this decade.

He also told MPs, “We were on 19 frigates and destroyers, and we later reduced that to 17 because some of those ships were very expensive… You then have some maintenance and refurbishment, so maybe 11 or 12 will be available to go out in operations”.

“We need deeper inventories, so I wouldn’t say I was happy,” he added.

Last March, Ukraine announced that it had received a group of British Challenger tanks, which it said to be planning to use in a counterattack.

Britain also handed Kiev new weapons, including personnel carriers and armored vehicles, in addition to the AS 90 cannon, which is the backbone of the British Army’s self-propelled artillery regiment, and is nicknamed the “Desert Cannon”.

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