A new shooting incident took place in the eastern German town of Halle, where two people were killed by a gunman in front of a synagogue, media reports said Wednesday.

Focus said the second shooting took place in Landsberg, about 15 km east of Halle.

German police said earlier that two people were killed in a shooting in the eastern city of Halle, and that they were looking for a suspect.

“According to preliminary results, people have died”, local police said on Twitter.

We conduct urgent searches.

The culprit is a runaway.

We hope you stay home or find another safe place”.

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“Gunshots were heard and the alleged perpetrator fled in a car”, a police spokesman said.

The daily German Bild reported on its website that the shooting took place in front of a synagogue.

The attack coincided with the celebration of the Jews of the world on the Day of Yom Kippur (Yom Kippur), where rituals of fasting and prayers are made to atone for sins.

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