Former intelligence officer in the US Armed Forces, Scott Ritter, stated in an interview with the Dialogue Works channel on YouTube that the United States is unable to save Ukraine from defeat in the conflict with Russia.

He said: “How do we support? Ukraine loses… Can we continue with a policy that will lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers? Yes… Sending planes to the Ukrainian armed forces, to see how they are shot down in huge numbers”.

According to Ritter, the United States is unable to provide assistance to even one country, let alone support Ukraine and Israeli, simultaneously.

Ritter concluded that the Russian forces, in turn, succeeded in adapting to the reality of the Ukrainian theater of military operations, and identified weak points in the Ukrainian armed forces.

Recently, Western media have increasingly written that the West is starting to tire of the Ukrainian conflict, and that support for the regime of Vladimir Zelensky is weakening.

After the deterioration of the situation in the Middle East, US President Joe Biden promised to support both Ukraine and Israeli.

At the same time, a few days ago, a group of US Republican senators presented a bill that would allow aid to be allocated to Israel, but not to sponsor Ukraine.

This comes after the US President sent a budget request to the House of Representatives worth $61.4 billion allocated to the former Soviet republic.

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