Russian parliamentarian commenting on the statement by Syrian president regarding the reconstruction of Syria

A member of the Russian State Duma, Dmitry Belek, commented on Bashar Assad’s statement that the West would not participate in the reconstruction of Syria.

«Bashar Assad has only expressed the position of his people, who know the right of the guilty to transform his country, which was beautiful and strong, into a country full of rubble and scenes of destruction», said Belek, a member of the parliamentary group to coordinate with Bashar al-Assad’s parliament.

«If western countries think it is possible to slap a face on the face with the right hand and throw money with the left hand, such practices are unacceptable in Syria», he said.

«There is no doubt that Syria will need support and assistance in the reconstruction phase, including the flow of funding from abroad, but it will not accept it from those who dump coal in the course of the Syrian war».

The Syrian president statement was during his interview with Russian NTV Channel.

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