Russian Defense Minister: The entire West is waging a real war against Russia and the country’s fate is now being decided


Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told graduates of a military academy on Wednesday that the entire West is waging a real war against Russia.

Standing next to Russian President Vladimir Putin at an event in the Kremlin, he added that the Russian army will spare no effort to ensure the security of his country.

Shoigu declared that Russia’s fate is now being decided and its geopolitical future was being decided.

Speaking to graduates of military colleges, Shoigu said, “Comrades officers, you completed your training at an important and exceptional time in the country, at a time when the fate of our Motherland is being decided, its geopolitical future is being decided”.

Shoigu added, “The collective West has unleashed a real war against Russia, and is once again trying with all its might to break its will”.

Shoigu stressed that the Russian armed forces will do everything to ensure the sovereignty and security of the country.

“The country’s leadership can be confident that our armed forces will do everything to ensure the country’s military security and sovereignty,” Shoigu said.

Shoigu emphasized that graduates of military colleges will need the highest degree of professionalism, maximum dedication, and the ability to quickly make non-standard decisions and be responsible.

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