Colonel of the Austrian Armed Forces, Markus Reisner, revealed on Tuesday, things that surprised the Ukrainian forces and confused all their plans on the battlefield.

In an interview with Focus newspaper, the Austrian officer said that the high interdependence of the Russian forces, the high experience and the achievement of superiority in the aspects of combat, surprised the Ukrainian armed forces.

He added that the Russian infantry and tank formations are showing tactical progress; in addition to that, Moscow has taken the lead in the field of electronic warfare.

“The Ukrainians are now having difficulty communicating with each other, and what is more, they can no longer use their drones,” the Austrian Colonel explained.

He continued, “It was an unpleasant surprise for Ukraine that the Russians took control of this field again”.

He pointed out that the air defense systems are failing Ukraine, stressing that the attack helicopters used by the Russians can attack Ukrainian convoys from a distance of up to 8 kilometers.

He pointed out that air defense is necessary to protect the advancing Ukrainian convoys and prevent helicopters from attacking them, before they reach the battlefield.

Earlier, the Secretary-General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, had stated that it was difficult for Ukrainian soldiers to penetrate the well-fortified Russian defenses.

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