Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that the new generation of Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missiles, capable of carrying ten or more nuclear warheads, will soon be deployed and ready for combat missions.

In a speech to recent graduates of military academies, Putin stressed the importance of Russia’s triad of nuclear forces that can be launched from land, sea or air.

“The most important task here is to develop the nuclear triad, which is an important guarantee of Russia’s military security and global stability,” he said.

“About half of the units and formations of the Strategic Missile Forces are already equipped with the latest Yars missile systems, and the forces are being re-equipped with modern missile systems with a hypersonic warhead of the Avangard model,” he added.

He stated that the first Sarmat would enter service in the near future.

The Russian President responded to the question of the Russian journalist Pavel Zarubin about the burning of Western tanks and armored vehicles, saying that they also burn with pleasure.

This came during an interview Zarubin conducted for the “Moscow-Kremlin-Putin” program, during the graduation ceremony of a new batch of Russian military colleges and academies.

In response to a question regarding the evaluation of the conduct of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, President Putin replied that the Ukrainian armed forces, which is now known to all, began their counter-attack on June 4, using their strategic reserves, and Putin indicated that whatever that may be Strange, but it’s noticeable that there is a cautious calm on the front now.

The Russian president believes that it’s related to the enemy’s incurring heavy losses in terms of personnel and equipment.

Putin continued, “According to the situation last night, and the talk here is not only about the huge losses in personnel, our men were able to destroy 245 tanks, and about 678 different armored vehicles… It seems that the enemy is now trying to reconstitute new units from the units that have suffered heavy losses in the number of their personnel, in order to raise the combat capability of those units, fearing similar losses in the future… Because this could lead not only to the loss of offensive capability, but also to the loss of the combat capability of the Ukrainian army in general, and here they have to think carefully”.

However, Putin stressed that the offensive capability of the Ukrainian armed forces hasn’t receded yet, and the enemy still has reserves.

There is no doubt that he will now think about how and where he will direct them.

Putin said, “I repeat, the masculinity and heroism of our fighters, and the readiness of our leaders to repel any attack against our forces, will deprive the enemy of any chance for the success of any attack, and they know that, so they stopped now”.

Putin noted that, despite this, there are still some small combat operations here and there, without any effective offensive operations.

Putin has been saying since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine that Russia is ready to use all means, including nuclear weapons, to defend its territorial integrity.

Putin stated last year that he had placed the lands seized by Russian forces in Ukraine under the Russian nuclear umbrella, which Russia says are within its territory.

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