The Pentagon: Washington overestimated the value of Ukraine’s military equipment by more than $6 billion


The Pentagon said on Tuesday that the United States overestimated the value of military equipment sent to Ukraine by more than $6 billion.

During an audit, a discrepancy discovered in assessments of equipment sent from the United States since the start of Russia’s war against Ukraine in 2022, Pentagon Deputy Spokesperson Sabrina Singh said during a briefing.

“In a significant number of cases, the services used replacement costs instead of net book value and thus overestimated the value of equipment withdrawn from US stocks and provided to Ukraine,” Singh said.

The Pentagon Deputy Spokesperson added that the account was for the fiscal years 2022 and 2023 combined, plus an amount of $6.2 billion.

Singh stressed that “assessment errors” didn’t limit “Washington’s support to Ukraine”.

The total value of US military aid sent to Ukraine since the start of the war is about $37.6 billion, according to the latest assessment at the end of May.

This number is now likely to be revised downwards.

The United States is Ukraine’s most important ally in its confrontation with the Russian war.

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