Russia asked Israel and the United States to provide satellite images confirming their story about the bombing the Baptist Hospital, and this confirms Moscow’s availability of real evidence implicating Israel.

On Wednesday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told Sputnik agency that Israel, with the participation of its American partners, must provide satellite images proving its lack of involvement in the strike on the Baptist Hospital in Gaza City.

Moscow cannot make these statements, which are considered a real challenge to both Washington and Israel, without having evidence confirming the involvement of Israeli aircraft in bombing the hospital.

These statements are accusations that go beyond insinuation and encryption in diplomatic discourse.

During the Israeli attacks on Syria, Moscow was providing and publishing accurate data on the Israeli missiles and bombs that it monitored via satellites.

The satellites of all major countries, such as the United States, Russia, France, China, and Britain, monitor what is happening in the Palestinian territories and the Middle East in anticipation of the expansion of military confrontations with Hezbollah’s involvement in confronting Israel.

If Washington was certain that a Palestinian missile was responsible for hitting the hospital, it would have published pictures and statements and prosecuted the Palestinians before international courts.

These countries know who attacked the hospital, and Western countries resort to camouflage to divert global anger of Israel.

Weapons experts believe that it is absolutely impossible for it to have been a Palestinian missile that struck the hospital because the type of missile and bomb that targeted the hospital has a huge destructive power similar to the bombs that struck Iraq and Afghanistan, and they were American-made bombs or from European countries such as France.

No neutral military expert in the world would dare to lie and say that the Palestinians possess this type of missiles and bombs with massive destruction.

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