A video by a right-wing Israeli activist revealed that the commanders of the Israeli army order their soldiers to overlook smuggling operations carried out on the Egyptian borders.

In her comment on the shooting on the borders carried out by the Egyptian soldier Mohamed Salah, during which he was killed, after killing three Israeli soldiers.

In the video, the Israeli activist called Ilana said that the commanders of the Israeli army issued orders to their soldiers to disregard smuggling operations carried out at the borders.

According to the video, she said that some soldiers told her a few weeks ago that on the border with Egypt, the commanders asked them to overlook drug smuggling operations and smugglers when smuggling goods, and throwing drugs over the wall.

She added, “Whoever thinks that we have peaceful relations with the Egyptians is mistaken and lives in illusions”.

She continued by saying that it’s in the interest of the Egyptians that Israel continues to believe that they live in peace with, but we are not at peace with them (Egyptians).

Information indicated that the Egyptian soldier, Mohamed Salah, who killed 3 Israeli soldiers at the borders, was responding to a smuggling operation, according to the Egyptian army’s version of which Israeli completely refused.

According to the Israeli activist, there are many warnings to the Israeli army regarding cooperation with drug smugglers.

The Israeli journalist “Itamar Carmon” published a few days ago videos confirming the information that Ilana’s video revealed, showing the entry of drugs into Egypt from the Israeli side, in cooperation with the Israeli army.

He said that this happened over a period of several days before the Egyptian borders incident, and confirmed that the Israeli police were informed, but they didn’t take any action.

This indicates the validity of the Egyptian story about the Egyptian soldier, and if the Israeli army was involved, it’s not excluded that the cameras and sensors at the security checkpoint were disabled by Israel.

This analysis may be an explanation for Israel’s failure to prevent the infiltration of the Egyptian soldier.

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