Medvedev calls for full-scale attack on Ukraine and completely overthrow the Kiev regime


The Russian Security Council deputy head Dmitry Medvedev said on Wednesday it was clear that Ukraine had begun its long-expected counter-offensive, and that Moscow should strike back after pushing back Kiev’s forces.

Medvedev, who was the Russian president, said in a statement on Telegram, “The enemy has been talking for some time about launching a major counterattack, and it seems that he has already started something… We have to stop the enemy and then launch an attack”.

Medvedev pointed to the need for the complete overthrow of the regime in Kiev, through a subsequent Russian attack.

Medvedev said, commenting on the prevailing situation about the Ukrainian counterattack, “We must stop the enemy, and then start the offensive, and the aim of the Russian attack today must be not only the liberation of our lands and the protection of our people… Our goal must be the complete overthrow of the Nazi regime in Kiev, which is entrenched in State 404 (the wrong state)”.

Medvedev warned against the consequences of underestimating the enemy, and said, “The enemy, along with the Western world that supports it’s ready to do anything to wipe our country off the face of the earth… Therefore, it is very important to focus all possible efforts and respond to that deservedly”.

He added that the Russian army enjoys great superiority “in aviation, in armored forces, in high-precision weapons, and of course in terms of morale”.

According to him: “The Ukrainian counterattack wasn’t a surprise for Russia, because the Kiev clique has no other choice, which has to attack in order to justify the money and weapons provided to it… However, the disappointment of Western sponsors could cost Zelensky and his associates not only positions, but even their lives”.

Medvedev said on Saturday that there will be no return to the bright European past, adding that Russia is now a completely different country.

Medvedev added on Telegram that one thing is certain I can say, there will be no return to the bright European past for them.

He continued, “Not only because they do not like us there and do not wait for us… But in Europe they cannot and don’t want to understand one simple truth, “Today’s Russia is a completely different country compared to the pre-war period”.

Regarding the return of relations between Russia and Europe, Medvedev stressed that “only those who forgot and denied our compatriots who died can today dream of returning to a “friendly European family”.

“Leaders, parties, and governments come and go, but the memory and values ​​associated with blood remain for a very long time, for decades, sometimes for centuries,” he added.

Medvedev concluded, “This memory won’t be able to be changed or erased by any new leaders,” adding, “Unfortunately, there are casualties among Russian civilians and soldiers”.

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