The military correspondent of Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, Yoav Zeitoun, revealed on Saturday morning the new unit formed by the Research Brigade of the Intelligence Corner in the framework of preparing for the possibility of the outbreak of the first war with Iran.

Zeitoun said the unite “Unit 54”, which is called the Iran branch, consists of dozens of soldiers and officers who study the regular army of the Revolutionary Guards and follow up on the developments and movements of the drones and the training plan and military curricula, in order to exploit them in determining the strength-building needs of the army and the Air Force and relying on them in formulating the multi-year military plan for Israeli Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi.

After ten years of semi-public military confrontation between Iran and Israel, the army recently began preparing for the possibility of a real war with the Revolutionary Guards, and accordingly the intelligence corner is working to draw up multiple scenarios about its stages and repercussions, in light of the estimates of the security services that indicate that the next war it will be on multiple fronts, with the possibility of being limited to several combat days.

According to Israeli officers working in the unit, the unit was able to double the target banks, and it focuses on targets that constitute a center of gravity in Iran, in addition to the nuclear facilities.

The unit played the war game in cooperation with the main collection unit of the 8200 Intelligence Corner and the Air Monitoring Unit 9900, and in relative cooperation with the US Army.

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