The head of Russia’s private military Wagner group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, appeared in a video welcoming the group’s fighters to Belarus and telling them they would no longer take part in the Ukraine war.

In the video, Prigozhin was greeting Wagner’s men, as Prigozhin’s Telegram press service reposted the video.

“Hello guys… Welcome to the land of Belarus,” Prigozhin said.

Since the video was apparently shot after dark, only the figure of a figure resembling Prigozhin can be distinguished.

“We fought with honor,” Priyuzhin said, “You gave a lot to Russia…What is happening on the front now is a disgrace that we don’t need to participate in”.

Prigozhin then told his men to treat the local population well and ordered them to train the Belarusian army and gather strength for a new journey to Africa.

“And perhaps we will go back to the special military operation in Ukraine at some point when we are sure that we won’t disgrace ourselves,” he said.

In the Video, A man who sounded like Dmitry Utkin, who helped found Wagner, then spoke to the men.

“This is not the end,” he said, “This is just the beginning of the largest work in the world that will be carried out very soon”.

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