The Pentagon revealed on Wednesday, that the United States has agreed to supply Germany with medium-range air-to-air missiles worth $2.9 billion.

The Pentagon said in a statement, “The State department has made a decision to approve the possible sale of military equipment to the government of Germany, for advanced and medium-range AIM-120 AMRAAM air-to-air missiles and related equipment, at an estimated cost of $2.9 billion”.

The Pentagon also announced earlier on Wednesday, that the United States has allocated a new military aid package worth $1.3 billion to Ukraine.

According to the statement, “the new tranche includes four “NASAMS” anti-aircraft missile systems and artillery shells, in addition to “Phoenix Ghost” and “Switchblade” unmanned aerial vehicles, the number of which hasn’t been specified.

In addition, the Pentagon also intends to transfer mine-clearing equipment, 150 fuel trucks, 115 tactical tow and haul vehicles, tactical secure communications systems, and electronic warfare systems to Kiev.

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