Putin: Moscow will return to the grain agreement with Ukraine if all the demands are fulfilled


The Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday Moscow’s readiness to return to the Ukrainian grain export agreement if its demands are fully met, otherwise the extension of this agreement will be meaningless.

“We’re studying the possibility of returning to the agreement, but on condition that all the principles of Russia’s participation in this agreement be taken into account, and implemented in full and without exception,” Putin said during a government meeting.

“As soon as these conditions are met, we will immediately return to this agreement,” Putin said.

Putin accused the West of shamelessly profiting from grain exports from Ukraine.

“Instead of helping countries that really need it, the West used the grain deal for political blackmail and made it a tool to enrich multinational companies and speculators in the global market,” he added.

He said that the grain agreement caused losses amounting to 1.2 billion dollars incurred by Russian farmers, with a decline in the profitability of exports.

“Our country is able to replace Ukrainian grain commercially and free of charge,” Putin said, predicting a record harvest this year.

Putin said during the meeting with the government, on Wednesday, “The extension of the grain deal in the form in which was, because it has lost its meaning… Therefore, we were opposed to extending this deal later”.

Putin stressed that “all obstacles must be removed in front of Russian banks and financial institutions that serve supplies of food and fertilizers, including merging with the international “Swift” system for banking transactions.

“We don’t need any promises or any ideas… We need to implement those conditions”.

He added that the conditions also include exempting Russian grain and fertilizer supplies to global markets from sanctions, and resuming supplies of components and spare parts for agricultural equipment.

All issues related to the insurance of ships and Russian exports must be resolved, all logistical operations should be resumed, and fertilizer supplies from Russia should be guaranteed without any hindrance.

He stressed that the main condition for Russia’s return to the deal is the revival of its original human nature, and after the implementation of all those conditions, and all that we previously agreed upon.

He concluded by saying, “Once it is implemented, we will return to this deal immediately”.

President Putin described ignoring the Russian conditions within the framework of the deal as impudence, noting that the West did everything in its power to thwart the deal.

He pointed out, “They are putting obstacles even in front of the free supplies of Russian fertilizers to the poorest countries”.

Russia decided this week not to extend the deal to allow Ukrainian grain exports after months of criticism of the text, with Moscow saying its supplies of farm products and fertilizer were being hampered by the sanctions.

It also called for Russian banks and financial institutions to be reconnected to the international banking system SWIFT, which they were denied after the start of the attack in Ukraine in 2022.

Russia’s agricultural sector, one of the world’s largest grain exporters along with Ukraine, is facing shortages of spare parts for machinery and industry as well as ship insurance problems.

Moscow is calling for the resumption of operation of the giant pipeline linking the Russian city of Tolyatti with the Ukrainian port of Odessa, which used to export ammonia, the main component of fertilizers.

This line, which has been out of service since the start of the conflict, was subjected to an explosion attributed by Moscow to Kiev in June.

It’s noteworthy that Russia announced the cessation of its participation in the grain export deal through the Black Sea, as of July 18, noting that part of the conditions related to lifting restrictions on Russian food and fertilizer exports hadn’t been implemented.

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