Sources in the Russian capital said that it has set next Wednesday to hold a meeting of the deputies of the Foreign Ministry of Syria, Türkiye, Russia and Iran.

Going to the quadripartite meeting, Damascus decisively requests guarantees related to the Turkish withdrawal from all Syrian lands before sitting at the table with political representation.

Syrian reveled to local Syrian newspaper, that there are no specific dates yet for the quadripartite meeting, and that the diplomatic moves led by Russia and Tehran are continuing, and the doors to reaching consensus leading to the quadripartite meeting are still open.

Both Russia and Iran are making exceptional efforts to solve this obstacle and fix a date on Wednesday for holding the meeting.

And if these efforts don’t bear fruit within the upcoming 24 hours, the meeting will be postponed to a later date.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu announced last Wednesday that the quadripartite meeting would be held this week.

However, Syrian President Bashar al Assad, and during his meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Hussein Amir Abdullahian on Thursday, stressed the importance of good preparation for the meetings and that they be based on a specific and clear agenda, addresses and outputs.

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