The Palestinian authorities announced on Monday, that the supply stock of basic goods in the market is capable of meeting the needs of citizens for eight months, and that the stock of flour is sufficient for three months.

The process of supplying goods to the market is continuing, as they call on people not to be drawn into rumors about a shortage of goods and the exaggerated rush to buy them at any price.

On the same context, Palestinian authorities warned against any merchant taking advantage of citizens’ needs in the current circumstances, or manipulating prices, so as not to fall under legal liability, as the maximum penalties will be imposed on violators.

Israel announced the imposition of a comprehensive siege on the already besieged Gaza Strip, including a ban on food, water and fuel, after Hamas movement carried out operation al Aqsa Flood, which was considered the largest attack on the country in nearly half a century.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant said that the authorities will cut off electricity and prevent the entry of food and fuel as part of a complete siege of the Gaza Strip, which is controlled by Hamas movement, where about 2.3 million people live, in one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

The Israeli blockade on Gaza, in its current form, has been in place since June 2007, as Israel controls the airspace and territorial waters of Gaza, in addition to two of the three border crossing points, while Egypt controls the third crossing point.

In West Bank, the Ramallah and al Bireh Chamber of Commerce and Industry also confirmed the availability of basic commodities in the markets, stressing that there is no need for consumers to panic, adding, in a press statement, that they are in constant contact with all relevant authorities, and called on people not to resort to storing goods and accumulating them beyond the natural need.

On the other side of the boarders, in Egypt, North Sinai Governorate announced that practical and real concrete steps are being taken on the land of Sinai, based on sovereign decisions, to serve the people of the Gaza, and as a first stage, services relate to the wounded Palestinians whose transfer to Egypt began.

The weakness of health capabilities in Gaza, the large number of casualties on a daily basis, and the closure of the Beit Hanoun crossing between the Gaza Strip and the occupied Palestinian territories, which is managed by Israeli.

The sovereign authorities informed the North Sinai Governorate administration to provide all available capabilities, and to seek the assistance of all relevant ministries, in order to help the Palestinian brothers in their ordeal that they are currently going through.

It was noted that in the coming days, home furniture will be delivered to residential units in the cities of al Arish, Sheikh Zuweid, and Egyptian Rafah, with the aim of opening them to Palestinians if they come to Egypt, after a government decision was issued to prepare these units a few days ago.

Certainly, there is a medical alert in all Sinai hospitals, as well as Ismailia hospitals, to receive medical cases.

Meanwhile, 25 ambulances equipped with all capabilities were sent to the Rafah land crossing to receive the injured and transport them to hospitals according to the assessment of each case and its health needs.

A hotline has been set up between North Sinai Governorate, the administration of the Rafah land crossing, and Egyptian governmental and private agencies, which wish to send food and medical aid to Gaza in the coming days, as well as facilitating the passage of aid coming from other countries through Egypt, in light of the comprehensive Israeli closure on Gaza through all ports.

At the Rafah land crossing, an official source in the crossing administration said that the crossing is operating at its usual full capacity before the war in Gaza, while the crossing crews are working to facilitate the travel of Palestinians as well as those returning to Gaza alike.

During the past two days, a small number of injured Palestinians were received for Palestinian citizens coming from Gaza, adding that the commercial gate at the crossing is also still working, but the amount of goods coming into Gaza is less than usual, for Palestinian reasons related to the inability of Palestinian merchants to reach the crossing to receive goods or their transportation into the Gaza Strip, in light of the Israeli bombing in all Gaza governorates.

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