Newsweek: Washington secretly expressed to Kiev its discontent over the sabotage of the Nord Stream and the US administration questions Zelensky’s full control over the Kiev forces


Washington secretly expressed its dissatisfaction with the team of the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, because of the attack on the Russian Nord Stream pipeline, which, according to the media, carried out with Ukrainian participation.

Newsweek reported quoting a senior US military intelligence official, Washington secretly expressed its dissatisfaction with the Zelensky government over the attack on the Nord Stream last September, but this act of sabotage followed by other strikes, including an attack by two drones on the Kremlin.

Newsweek noted that these attacks raised questions about one of the main duties of the CIA in the field of intelligence, which is to obtain sufficient information about what the Ukrainians are planning while at the same time influencing them and abiding with their secret agreement with Moscow.

The Washington Post reported in a previous report that Ukraine planned to attack the Nord Stream pipeline in June 2022 during the BALTOPS exercise, however, this process suspended for unknown reasons.

The Washington Post also reported that three months before the bombing of the Nord Stream pipeline, the administration of US President Joe Biden learned from a close ally that the Ukrainian military had planned the secret attack.

The Nord Stream gas pipelines subjected to sabotage last September.

The Swedish, Danish and German authorities conducted an investigation into the incident, without disclosing any results yet.

On the other hand, a senior CIA official told Newsweek that Washington doubts that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has complete control over Kiev forces.

According to unnamed US official, said that the CIA began to suspect that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky had full control over the Kiev forces, following the terrorist attack that targeted the Crimean Bridge in October 2022.

The attack on the Crimean Bridge showed the CIA that Zelensky either lost control of his forces, or was missing some details that he personally didn’t want to know.

According to the US official, the CIA had no prior knowledge of the attack on the Crimean Bridge or of the subsequent attack on the Engels military airport.

He pointed out that the CIA is still trying to find out the details of the attack on the Crimean Bridge.

Last October, 8th, a car bomb exploded while crossing the Crimean Bridge led to a fire in fuel tanks that were being transported by a train across the railway bridge, and a partial collapse of the car bridge.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin described the incident as a terrorist attack.

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