The Independent Online: What did Jenin look like after the withdrawal of Israeli forces?


The Independent Online published scenes from the Jenin camp in the occupied West Bank, following the withdrawal of the Israeli forces, two days after a military operation in the camp.

The Palestinians returned to the ruins left behind by the Israeli army’s incursion, in one of its largest military operations in two decades.

The Israeli army vehicles stormed Jenin and destroyed the narrow streets and infrastructure in an area that the Israeli side described as a stronghold for militants.

The Israeli army killed 12 Palestinians, including children, and wounded 140, in addition to killing an Israeli soldier.

The United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Palestine as saying, “Repairing the water and electricity networks and securing shelter for those who have lost their homes will be at the top of the list”.

The Independent said thousands of people who had fled the 48-hour military operation returned on Wednesday to find their homes destroyed and alleys littered with piles of rubble.

The Independent pointed to fears that many of them would be permanently displaced after the destruction of their homes.

The Independent quoted Palestinian doctors in the camp as saying that the situation is calm now, but they were in a state of readiness in anticipation of the return of the bombing.

Palestinian doctors told The Independent that they worked around the clock to treat the wounded, including 30 children.

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