The Turkish Daily Sabah newspaper said that Sweden is doing its best not to join NATO, but Stockholm is under pressure from Washington, which wants to gain a foothold in Sweden to access resources in the Arctic region.

According to the Daily Sabah, Sweden is doing everything in its power not to become a member of NATO, it’s trying to present Türkiye’s refusal as an excuse.

The Turkish newspaper indicated that if Sweden really wanted to become a NATO member, none of this would happen; it would have reached a suitable compromise with Türkiye that wouldn’t have led to provocative acts such as burning the Qur’an.

Sweden, due to its geographical location, access to the sea and the absence of an external threat, can enjoy the benefits of international trade while maintaining political and military neutrality.

According to Daily Sabah, joining NATO means extra obligations and unnecessary expenses for Stockholm.

This is why Sweden hasn’t been a member of any military alliance for nearly 200 years, and the fact that the war in Ukraine isn’t a convincing excuse.

Sweden, which didn’t feel compelled to join NATO even during the Cold War, won’t join NATO now.

After Finland became a NATO member, Sweden actually received protection.

The United States wants Stockholm to join NATO, and it has for that two reasons:

First, it plans to use Sweden as a springboard to access resources in the Arctic region.

Second, NATO will be part of its control mechanism.

Washington is seeking to control the European Union, under the pretext of any member state of the European Union, must be a NATO member, so all will be under one roof and under US control.

This is what the United States understands through European security.

The United States see Europe as relatively stable, not as an area of ​​international union but as an area of ​​international cooperation, in other words they want to build NATO as a structure to control Europe and not as an alliance against the Soviet Union in the past, and Russia today.

In this way, the West will remain in a united front and under the US umbrella so that the United States can direct its attention to other geographic regions.

Last May, Finland and Sweden, against the background of the events in Ukraine, submitted requests to the NATO Secretary General to join the alliance.

According to charter of the North Atlantic Treaty, all NATO members must approve requests for countries to join the alliance.

On the night of March 31 (2022), Finland received the approval of its application which was completed.

On the other hand, Sweden’s application hadn’t yet get Türkiye’s approval.

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