Sources: The US Army sent 650 SDF militants to fight the Russian in Ukraine


According to private sources, the United States sent about 650 militants of the Syria Democratic Forces (SDF), in eastern Syria, to Ukraine, via the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

The 650 militants arrived in Ukraine during the past six months, before their successive batches, along with their mercenary peers, pushed into the fighting fronts against the Russian forces.

The US forces in Syria have opened number of training centers in the countryside of Deir al Zour and Hasakah governorates, in order to prepare those enrolled in these camps and train them on various types of light and medium weapons, before transferring them to the Ukrainian fronts.

The US forces provided relatively large material incentives to those wishing to fight in Ukraine, mainly trained SDF militants, along with some members of the Arab tribes in the areas east of the Euphrates.

The US forces also worked to recruit a number of PKK militants, who are present in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, and provided them with sums of $2,000 monthly salary for each of them, which they get since the mercenary joined the training.

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