Newsweek magazine revealed an intelligence information, which says that Iran has formed an armed unit that includes thousands of fighters of different nationalities under the name of the “Imam Hussein Division”, capable of launching attacks against Israel and US forces in Syria.

Quoted intelligence official (who refused to reveal his identity), that US officials had seen the contents of the document, which talked about the division’s association with the “Quds Force” of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

The intelligence document claimed that, a so called “Imam Hussein Division” is the most elite and distinguished fighting force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Quds Force in Syria, and it has strong capabilities.

The intelligence official stated that the squad, armed with precision-guided munitions, attack and spy drones, and a wide range of light weapons, carried out several attacks against the US military base in al Tanf area, southeastern Syria.

The document indicated that the arsenal of advanced weapons owned by the “Imam Hussein Division” was transferred directly from Iran on board cargo planes that landed in Syrian airports, in addition to ships that docked in the port of Lattakia, and transport trucks that crossed from Iraq to Syria.

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