Kurdish People’s Protection Units announce their full withdrawal from the Syrian city of Manbej

The Manbej military council, which controls the Syrian city of Manbej, announced the last batch of “Kurdish People’s Protection Units”, in a move that coincides with Turkey’s demand to withdraw from areas close to its border.

“The last batch of military advisers in the People’s Protection Units completed their withdrawal on July 15, 2018, after completing their mission in the training and military rehabilitation of our forces, in agreement with the International Coalition”, the SPDC said in a statement”.

Last June, the United States and Turkey agreed on a “road map” for Manbej, the Arab-majority city 30 km from the Turkish border, controlled by Syria’s Democratic forces (Kurdish and Arab factions backed by Washington) As part of the international coalition against the terrorist organization “ISIS”.

Turkey has repeatedly threatened to launch a military operation against the Kurdish guerrillas in Manbej following the attack, which enabled it to control the Kurdish-majority Afrin region, provoking tension with Washington that resulted in a “roadmap” for Manbej.

The “People Protection Units”, which Ankara considers a “terrorist” organization, announced after the agreement that it had decided to withdraw its military advisers from Manbej, but without specifying when the withdrawal would be completed.

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