The Israeli army announced that the commander of the Nahal Brigade, Colonel Yonatan Steinberg, was killed in a confrontation with a Palestinian fighter near the Kerem Shalom crossing.

The Israeli army stated that they had allowed reveal the news of Colonel Yonatan Steinberg, 42, death, who is from Kibbutz Shomaria, as he killed in an exchange of fire conducted by his subordinates with Hamas fighters.

Steinberg, was encountered a Palestinian fighter and was killed during an exchange of fire near the Kerem Shalom crossing.

According to previous information, Yonatan Steinberg previously held the position of commander of the Ramallah region in the Israeli army.

The Nahal Brigade is one of the elite brigades in the Israeli army, and Nahal (נחל) is an abbreviation of the words “Noar Halutzi Lohim”, which means “vanguard youth warriors”, which is the name given to the paramilitary program of the occupation army, which combines service Military and the establishment of Jewish agricultural settlements, usually in remote places.

The Nahal Project was launched in 1948 as a youth battalion working to prepare recruits to join the Israeli army, and to connect them with settlement movements.

Within the Israeli army, young men were absorbed as soldiers in the Air Force infantry (airborne) in 1982 after the need for an infantry force increased in the midst of the First Lebanon War in 1982.

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