An Israeli movement accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of burning documents and destroying evidence to evade responsibility for Hamas attack, that shocked the Jewish State, on October 7.

This came in a letter, on Saturday, sent by the Israeli Civil Democratic Movement to the government’s judicial advisor, Ghali Behrav Mayara.

In a letter published on its official Facebook account, the movement, which has been active since the beginning of this year during demonstrations against Netanyahu’s rule, described the Hamas operation as a total intelligence and operational surprise.

The letter continued, “The strong shock that struck all the citizens of Israel on Black Saturday (October 7), didn’t prevent the start of a process of evading responsibility by Netanyahu”.

The movement added that Netanyahu began destroying evidence, burning documents, banning recordings, and taking various measures with the aim of making it difficult for the work of a future investigation committee that will certainly be formed to clarify the extent of the responsibility placed on Netanyahu, and the failures and failures that emerged during the terrible event and the security and political theory that has completely collapsed.

The movement called on the judicial advisor to intervene immediately to prevent the destruction of documents, to recover what was burned or deleted from them, and to work to protect information and secure all documents before and after the Hamas attack.

There was no immediate comment from Netanyahu on the Israeli movement’s accusations.

Until now, Netanyahu has refrained from announcing that he bears responsibility for the Hamas attack, while all heads of the security services and political officials admitted their failure to anticipate the attack and took responsibility for that.

The Hamas, October 7 attack, Operation al Aqsa Flood, shocked Israel and the whole world, and caused so far 1,400 Israelis killed and more than 5000 injured.

Beside the casualties, Hamas took number of hostages, more than 210, according to the Israeli army, and between 200 and 250, according to a census announced by Hamas.

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