More Palestinians are being killed and dozens injured, as the Israeli vicious attacks on Gaza continues.

Medical sources in Gaza reported that 4 Palestinians, including two women and a child, were killed in an Israeli raid on a house in the center of the city of Khan Yunis, and a number of others were injured with varying injuries.

The Israeli bombing targeted Tal al Zaatar area in the town of Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip.

Israeli aircraft also targeted several residential apartments in the vicinity of al Shifa Hospital in central Gaza City, which led to the death of a number of Palestinians.

Also, Palestinians were killed in bombing of two houses in Rafah, with two Palestinians were killed and a number of others were injured in Khirbet al Adas in Rafah.

In the central region, Israeli army aircraft targeted a house in  al Maghazi camp, and launched intensive raids in Khan Yunis, concentrated in the eastern regions and agricultural lands, resulting in several casualties.

An Israeli military spokesman announced on Saturday that fuel will not be brought into the Gaza Strip based on instructions from the Israeli political level.

Israel has stopped bringing fuel into the Gaza Strip since October 7, amid UN and international human rights warnings.

The Israeli military spokesman added, “Fuel won’t be allowed to enter the Gaza Strip”.

In turn, the Union of Municipalities in the Gaza Strip warned today of an environmental catastrophe as a result of local authorities running out of fuel and the malfunction of sewage and water desalination plants.

The head of the Gaza Strip Municipalities Union, Yahya al Sarraj, said in a statement that the running out of fuel in the Gaza Strip’s municipalities heralds the cessation of basic services and a major health and environmental catastrophe.

He added, “About 20 sewage plants stopped working, in addition to seawater desalination plants, and waste collection from the streets of cities and villages was also disrupted due to the need for fuel”.

The Palestinian official in Gaza continued, “The continued daily leakage of large quantities of untreated wastewater into the sea due to power outages and the lack of fuel necessary to operate sewage plants will lead to the exacerbation of the health and environmental catastrophe”.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza warned earlier, that not bringing fuel into hospitals poses a real danger to the lives of patients.

On the Other hand, Hamas and other Palestinian faction in Gaza has continued to launch rockets on several Israeli sites, and settlements.

The al Quds Brigades announced that they had bombed military concentrations at the Sufa site in the Gaza Strip with rockets.

Also, the Palestinian factions targeted the city of Ashkelon with a barrage of rockets, in response to the ongoing Israeli Air raids on Gaza Strip.

The Israeli government postpones announcing a ground attack on Gaza, which it has been threatening since the first days of the escalation against the Strip.

They attribute this to various reasons, most recently the weather conditions, while foreign and Israeli media confirm that the political crisis and division within Israel is currently worsening against the backdrop of the decision to launch a ground operation in Gaza, amid great fear among Israeli leadership, most notably Netanyahu, of a new catastrophe that might befall the Israeli army.

In a related context, Israeli media quoted officials confirming that a number of Israeli ministers had disappeared, amid failure in some ministries to perform their functions.

The Israeli Channel 12 website, quoting the head of the Home Front Authority Center, Haim Biebs, stated that a portion of the ministers has already disappeared, and the majority of the ministries aren’t performing their duties, adding that someone is completely lost!

Biebs added: “We’re dealing with a group of backward, inexperienced bureaucrats… Most government ministries don’t perform their functions, and some of them are also inexperienced”.

The Israeli official accused the rest of the officials of abandoning their duties, saying: “I feel that I am alone… In the end, we have been dealing with the affairs of the Israelis for two weeks, and every day that we move settlers from their settlements costs us 24 million shekels, that is, more than half a billion compared to just the month of October”.

He added that, “No one is preparing a plan… We’re improvising, and no one talks to us and no one comes to help… The ministers have hidden… There are no ministers, and there is only the Ministry of Security, which we are in contact with, and the Ministry of Social Services, which follows up on the affairs of the families of the dead, and the Ministry of Tourism only”.

The Israeli official complained that all the rest have disappeared, and they explain to you that they are making adjustments.

Biebs asked, “What are these amendments? We are at war; they are bombing us!”

The Israeli Channel 13 reported, that one of the heads of the Israeli home front councils in the Gaza Strip, saying that he asked Arkady Gaydamak (an Israeli-French businessman) to help evacuate the Israelis in settlements above 7 km, and the next day the latter by transferring an amount of 2 million shekels to the council’s account, while the amount required for this is many times this number, and the government was unable to provide it”.

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