On Monday, September 18, 2023, the Republic of Iran announced the release of five US citizens, as this release came as part of a prisoner exchange deal between Iran and the United States.

The deal also included the release of five Iranian citizens.

The agreement is considered the result of the efforts made by a Qatari and Omani mediation.

The Iranian-US agreement also included the release of $6 billion of Tehran’s frozen funds.

The five released American citizens were transported via Qatari plane heading to Doha, and they were accompanied by two of their family members in addition to the Qatari ambassador in Tehran.

According to the Iranian state TV channel, two of the five Iranians who were released arrived in Doha.

Regarding the released American citizens, a senior official in the administration of US President Joe Biden confirmed the arrival of two of the five detained Iranians in Doha.

He pointed out that the five released will receive amnesty in accordance with the prisoner exchange agreement between the United States and Iran.

He advised that US citizens or dual citizens avoid traveling to Iran.

Regarding the funds transfer process, the Qatari plane was prepared to transport the American detainees after Iran and the United States were notified of the transfer of funds to bank accounts in Qatar.

The release of the frozen Iranian funds, who were located in south Korea was part of a prisoner exchange between Iran and the United States that was reached after several months of negotiations between the two countries, whose relationship had been tense due to issues related to the Iranian nuclear program and other issues.

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