The US Army is launching an urgent search for a missing F35 jet, and is appealing to the public to assist in this mission, after an accident occurred that led to its pilot jumping last Sunday.

Joint Base Charleston, which is located in the state of South Carolina, reported on its Facebook page that the missing jet was an F35 and was belonging to the Marine Corps Air Base.

The pilot was able to eject safely and was taken to a medical center, but the location of the jet remains unknown until now.

Joint Base Charleston said: “We’re relying on our latest information to locate the aircraft, and in cooperation with the Federal Aviation Administration, we are intensifying our efforts in the area north of Charleston around Lakes Moultrie and Marion”.

The Joint Base Charleston added: “We strongly call on the public to cooperate with the military and civilian authorities in these joint efforts to search for the missing jet”.

The base also appealed to anyone with information about the aircraft’s whereabouts to contact the base’s Defense Operations Center.

This is in addition to close cooperation with Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, where emergency teams are working tirelessly to locate the missing aircraft and contribute to ongoing search efforts.

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