Hamas field commander called, Abu Ubaida, the military spokesman for al Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), said that the number of dead and captured Israeli officers and soldiers is much greater than what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes, and they are present in all areas of the Gaza Strip.

Abu Ubaida added in a statement on al Aqsa TV, addressing Israeli Prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, “You must prepare your soldiers well, so don’t miscalculate”.

The Hamas commander said in a brief speech that the Israeli army fell like locusts before the resistance fighters in Operation “al Aqsa Flood,” stressing that threatening Gaza and its people is a losing game and a cracked record.

He also stressed that Operation “al Aqsa Flood” is continuing in defense of al Aqsa mosque and the Palestinian prisoners, and the enemy knows nothing about its results, he said.

Abu Ubaida’s statement came in response to the threats of the Israeli Prime Minister, who vowed that the Israeli army would use its full force to eliminate Hamas.

Netanyahu said in a televised speech, “We’ll strike them until the end and take strong revenge for this black day that they inflicted on Israel and its people”.

Netanyahu called on the residents of the Gaza Strip to leave, threatening to turn what he described as the movement’s hideouts into rubble.

In his speech to the residents of Gaza, he said, “Get out now because we will move everywhere with all our might,” describing Gaza as “the evil city”.

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