Battles are continuing between Palestinian and Israelis, as the situation remained uncertain in Southern Israel at the boarders with Gaza Strip.

Videos spread on social media platforms from the Gaza Strip showed that Palestinian groups captured 5 Israeli soldiers and transported them inside Gaza.

Hams destroyed several Israeli armored vehicle including tanks.

Meanwhile, Israeli jets continued raiding Gaza with several attacks.

On Saturday morning, and in surprise attack, rockets were launched from Gaza and Palestinian militants infiltrated Israeli settlements, where they captured a number of Israeli soldiers, and confrontations and exchanges of fire occurred with Israeli forces.

Hamas media confirmed that it captured a number of Israeli soldiers, and was able to control Israeli tanks and military vehicles in areas near Gaza.

In addition, there are reports of shelling from the Gaza Strip towards areas in Israel, including an area between Bethlehem in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Israeli army is fighting trying re-control several Israeli settlement, which Palestinians managed to control, as fighting still ongoing on several location.

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