Bloomberg agency quoted a survey of the Swedish company Intrum AB, that the Coronavirus epidemic is the poorest people in Greece, who have become the most financially affected in all of Europe because of the consequences of the invasion of the epidemic to the world.

With Greece, Romania was also named as one of the poorest countries in the old continent, due to the horrors of the Coronavirus, unlike the Scandinavian countries, which left the negative effects of the crisis with few repercussions on the already high living standards there.

A third of those surveyed answered that they were confident that their financial capabilities would decrease in the next six months, while only 23% of respondents expected an improvement in their financial situation.

On the level of Europe in general, more than half of those surveyed (54 percent) reported lower income levels in the past months due to the Coronavirus pandemic crisis, while a third of those surveyed became more cautious about spending and a fifth of those in Europe began living on debt to cover Daily expenses.

The survey was conducted last May with the participation of 4,800 people from 24 European countries.

It was previously reported that the global economy would decline by 5.2 percent in 2020, the worst expected rate since World War II.

A third of the world’s population will be at risk of losing jobs and jobs, a decline in global income could record $ 3.4 trillion and an unemployment rate above 17 percent.

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