German intelligence: The increasing interest of Russian and Chinese intelligence in Germany


The Federal Authority for the Protection of the Constitution (Germany’s domestic intelligence) announced that the Russian intelligence services’ interest in Germany will increase as the war in Ukraine continues.

The head of the German Protection of the Constitution, Thomas Haldenfang, said that China and Iran are also among the countries whose intelligence services are carrying out significant activities in Germany, and Russia’s interest in espionage in Germany not only continues, but also increases the longer the war continues.

“The current case also shows how real the threat of Russian espionage is,” said the head of Germany’s domestic intelligence service, referring to the suspected double agent of the German Foreign Intelligence Service (BND) who was arrested shortly before Christmas celebrations.

As well as the head of foreign intelligence, Bruno Cal, declined to disclose any details about this case, so as not to endanger the investigations.

It’s noteworthy that the person who was arrested is suspected of providing a Russian intelligence agency with classified information.

The German intelligence expected Moscow to try to make up for the spying opportunities lost by expelling 40 agents from Germany.

It’s noteworthy that European countries expelled Russian agents in response to the start of the Russian war in Ukraine on February 24.

The German federal government also announced in early April that 40 people working at the Russian embassy in Berlin are considered persona non grata in Germany.

The heard of the German intelligence said, “We’re making great efforts to prevent other people who may belong to Russian intelligence services from coming to Germany… The government had tightened entry visa procedures for that”.

The head of Germany’s domestic intelligence added that a significant increase in Russian cyber-attacks can also be expected, as well as so-called influence operations, which include disinformation campaigns as well as other operations aimed at influencing public opinion or influencing election results or political decisions.

But in general, The German internal intelligence service is ready to face the current challenges, and they would like to confront decisively the allegations that say that we have done little in the field of combating espionage in the past, stressing that the Federal Authority for the Protection of the Constitution has been ready for a long time to increase its activities. Spying by Russian devices or any other devices.

The head of Germany’s domestic intelligence pointed out that China, which in the past focused more on economic espionage, has also intensified its efforts for several years to clarify German policy.

While only very limited attention was paid to the risks arising from intensive economic relations with China.

The head of Germany’s domestic intelligence added that it is also known that “China uses its economic power around the world to implement political goals,” and continued, saying: “There is a need for a comprehensive solution at the European level in order to reverse this trend for European countries, whatever the circumstances, we’re already intensively revealing to the economic community, public opinion and political circles possible Chinese attempts to spy and impose influence”.

“There’s another big problem that is influencing its own society, as China has a great interest in controlling immigrants of Chinese descent in Germany, and pointed out that most of the 40,000 Chinese students in Germany are linked closely to the embassy and consulates”.

This applies to researchers as well, and said that wherever China invests in the German economy, Chinese individuals are appointed, including members of the Communist Party, and these people are organized in party cells and are obliged to send reports to Chinese government agencies.

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