The head of the HTS criticizes Türkiye without naming describing the Turkish normalization with Syria under Russian auspices as a dangerous deviation


The head of the Hay’at Tahrir al Sham, Abu Muhammad al Julani, described the development in Turkish relations with the Syrian government, under Russian auspices, as a dangerous deviation that affects the goals of the Syrian revolution.

“The Syrian revolution is facing a new challenge in its continuous struggle against the regime and its allies, and the talks taking place between the regime and its Russian ally with the Turkish side are a serious deviation that affects the goals of the Syrian revolution,” al Julani said in a video speech posted by HTS news agency on Monday.

Al Julani added, “We call on every sincere zealous person to make efforts, put his hand in ours, stand by our side in facing these challenges, and continue the covenant until the fall of the regime”.

He called on the “honorable sons of the revolution to not despair and grieve, after the disappointment of the far and near,” in reference to Türkiye, promising them to preserve the revolution and its goals by what he called “the sons of the revolution, its leaders, and its soldiers, who pray night with day”.

Al Julani addressed his speech to the public, saying that “the Syrian people have chosen a way to live their lives with pride and dignity”.

He pointed out that their battle is not a political battle for positions and a civil war, but rather a battle between right and wrong.

He warned that whoever is hostile to this battle will lose and be doomed, as he put it, and stressed that they will continue to work until they reach Damascus and overthrow the Syrian regime.

The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed, last Wednesday, that a tripartite session was held between the defense ministers of Russia, Türkiye and Syria in the Russian capital, Moscow, and that the three ministers “referred to the constructive nature of the dialogue between them and the need for its continuation”.

Russian Ministry of Defense added, “During the meeting, they discussed ways to solve the Syrian crisis and the refugee problem, and joint efforts to combat extremist groups in Syria”.

The session was attended by Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, Turkish Intelligence Chief Hakan Fidan, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Syrian Defense Minister Ali Mahmoud Abbas, in addition to the Syrian intelligence chief.

The Syrian Ministry of Defense described the meeting as positive, and said that “the two sides discussed many issues, and the meeting was positive”.

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