Former Ukrainian president adviser: Zelensky is a source of danger to Ukraine and must resign before it is too late


Former advisor to Ukrainian President, Oleg Soskin, said that the Ukrainian people should demand the urgent resignation of Vladimir Zelensky, following the failure of the Kiev forces at the front.

“We’ve to take some action with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, and once again I urge you to take a unified position, where someone has to take the initiative, put some conditions before it before it’s too late,” Soskin added on YouTube.

The politician stressed that Ukraine is on the brink of a real catastrophe, because the Ukrainian president was unable to rule the country during the conflict.

Soskin concluded that Zelinsky is simply a source of great danger to Ukraine.

Soikin has repeatedly called for Zelensky’s rapid resignation and the holding of early elections to spare the country from falling into disaster.

The Ukrainian counterattack launched on the fourth of last June, on several axes south of Donetsk, Zaporizhia, and Bakhmut, where the largest focus of the attack was on the Zaporizhia axis.

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