US Concerns regarding the fate of Weapons supplied to Ukraine will end up on the black market


Former military adviser at the US Department of Defense, Colonel Douglas MacGregor, warned that most of the military equipment provided by the United States to Ukraine might end up on the black market.

“We’re sending a billion dollars’ worth of equipment… A lot of it probably disappears into the black market, and the money never goes where it’s supposed to go,” MacGregor twitted.

MacGregor indicated that what is happening now requires interest and understanding on the part of the US government.

Major US defense companies reported in 2023, record jumps in new contracts, as the war in Ukraine continued to fuel a massive increase in arms demand.

The surge in new contracts comes on orders to refill the stockpiles of the United States and its NATO allies, who have sent tens of billions of dollars worth of weapons to Ukraine since last year.

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