Ukrainian drones targeting Russian cities causing casualties


Five people wounded in a Ukrainian drone attack on a railway station in the western Russian city of Kursk.

Kursk region governor Roman Starovoit said, Sunday, on Telegram, “According to preliminary information, it crashed on the roof of the station building, after which a fire broke out on the roof”.

He stated that five people were slightly wounded by shards of glass, noting that paramedics were present at the scene.

Kursk is only about 90 kilometers from the border separating Russia and Ukraine.

For his part, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that a drone had tried to head toward Moscow, and that the attack had been thwarted.

“It was intercepted by the air defense forces,” he said on Telegram, thanking the army for its work.

The Russian Ministry of Defense issued a statement saying that Ukrainian drone was spotted over the Stobinsky district in the Moscow region while it was heading towards the capital.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said it was destroyed by electronic means and crashed in a deserted area without causing any injuries or damage, denouncing an attempted “terrorist attack” by the Kiev regime.

According to local Russian News Agency TASS, two international Airports in Moscow, Domodedovo and Vnukovo were temporarily closed, due to alarm of Ukrainian Drones attacks.

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