The Foreign Policy magazine reported that European countries are concerned about their inability to send military aid to Israel, after their reserves were depleted as a result of sending it to Ukraine.

The Foreign Policy reported that European countries discussed, on Monday, the possibility of providing military assistance to Israel, noting that many European officials are concerned because they have almost nothing left in the aid sent to Ukraine.

A German official, who declined to reveal his name, told the Foreign Policy magazine, because of Ukraine, we are facing a major shortage of ammunition.

The Foreign Policy magazine wondered, in a report published on Monday, about what Russia will do as a result of the chaos caused by Gaza, stressing that the potential war on two fronts in the Middle East, referring to the possibility of the ignition of the northern front of occupied Palestine, would have indirect effects on Europe.

European officials and experts are concerned that Russia may exploit the repercussions that accompanied the Palestinian resistance attack on Israeli settlements, as European officials fear that the developments could push the Kremlin closer to Iran, as it’s an ally of the Palestinian resistance factions.

The Foreign Policy magazine referred to previous statements by the Italian Defense Minister, Guido Crosetto, that his country’s authorities had done a lot to support Ukraine, and that there were no greater capabilities due to Rome’s limited resources.

The Foreign Policy also recalled the announcement of Bulgarian President Rumen Radev that Europe could no longer tolerate the continuation of the conflict in Ukraine, stressing that sending more weapons to Ukraine won’t lead to a settlement of the conflict.

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