The Independent: Hamas obtained a strategic security treasure during its storming of Israeli sites on the Gaza Strip border


The Independent reported, quoting a source in the resistance, that the intelligence service of the Hamas movement had obtained a strategic security treasure during the movement’s fighters storming Israeli positions on the borders of the Gaza Strip.

Groups from the military wing of Hamas attacked Israeli positions on the borders of the Gaza Strip on the morning of Saturday, October 7, the last day of the Jewish Throne holiday.

The Independent newspaper noted that on Sunday morning, during the attack by Hamas fighters on the Erez crossing site and the killing of the soldiers, they arrested Israeli intelligence officers from the General Security Service, as they were present at the crossing through which Palestinian workers working in Israel travel for their work, and the intelligence officers were preparing to meet the workers to obtain information regarding the Palestinian resistance, but they were surprised by Hamas fighters entering their offices and taking control of their files and computers.

The Independent newspaper went on to say that the devices contain very large information that will take months to complete decryption and analysis.

According to the Independent, the source said that al Qassam brigades intelligence affiliated with Hamas movement managed to obtain lists of the names of those collaborating with the Israeli intelligence, methods of communicating with them, their methods of work, and their deployment in the Gaza Strip during times of Israeli-Palestinian conflicts.

The Hamas movement has instructed its security personnel to deploy in the streets and reveal the movements and methods used by those collaborating with Israel.

The security personnel have been provided with the names of those collaborating with Israel.

Hamas’ security services are awaiting the end of the ongoing war in Gaza to launch a campaign to arrest those collaborating with Israel, and that in the event of implementation… Therefore, it is considered to have carried out a security strike no less effective than the military strike that Israel received on the morning of October 7.

Last Saturday, the Chief of Staff of the al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas movement, Muhammad al Daif, announced the launch of Operation al Aqsa Flood, after hundreds of rockets were launched from Gaza towards Israeli territories.

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