For the fourth week in a row… Protests continues in Israel against Netanyahu


Tens of thousands of Israelis demonstrated, Saturday, against the right-wing government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, in Tel Aviv and other cities, for the fourth consecutive week.

In the past weeks, the protest has mainly centered against the government’s planned reforms, which will weaken Israel’s judicial system.

According to the plans of Israeli Justice Minister Yariv Levin, a majority in parliament should be able to pass a law, even if it violates the Basic Law from the point of view of the Israeli Supreme Court.

Levin accused the Israeli Supreme Court of excessive interference in political decisions.

Already, some experts have warned, implementing those plans could spell the end of democracy in the country.

This Saturday is the fourth in a row in which the Israeli opposition organizes massive demonstrations against Netanyahu, objecting in particular to his centralization of power in his hands and that of his allies, and the judicial laws he intends to pass.

About 100,000 Israeli settlers gathered, last Saturday, in a demonstration that was considered one of the largest political gatherings of the occupation settlers recently, on the same Kaplan Street in Tel Aviv.

The protesting settlers raised banners against the policies of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Following the demonstrations, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed, on Sunday, his ally, head of the Shas” party, Aryeh Deri, from his post as Minister of Health and Interior, several days after the Israeli Supreme Court decided to remove him from office, expressing his regret that they are forced to sack him from office as a minister in the government.

The plans adopted by the Netanyahu government to limit the powers of judges have sparked fierce opposition from groups including lawyers.

And it raised concerns among business leaders, which led to widening deep political divisions in Israeli society.

Today’s protests come to exacerbate internal pressure on the Netanyahu government, after two operations in Jerusalem that left 7 Israelis dead on Friday and Saturday.

Pressure is increasing on the new occupation government, which took power earlier this month, the fourth in two years, and the fifth for Netanyahu in 12 years, and includes an alliance between the Likud party, which Netanyahu leads.

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