The Financial Times reported that NATO is planning to conduct its largest military maneuvers since the Cold War.

NATO military maneuvers is subjected to take place in 2024, and these maneuvers will be called “Steel Defenders”.

At least 41,000 soldiers and more than 50 ships are expected to participate in these maneuvers, with up to 700 air sorties being carried out during the allotted period.

NATO aims to use real geographic data to create more realistic scenarios for its forces.

These exercises focus on simulating NATO’s response in the event of a Russian attack, and these exercises are seen as a key part of demonstrating the alliance’s readiness to confront any threat.

The exercises are scheduled to take place in Germany, Poland and the Baltic states during February and March of 2024.

In addition to NATO member states, Sweden is expected to participate in these exercises, although it’s still waiting for Türkiye and Hungary to agree to join the alliance.

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