According to news from Syria, a drone attack targeted a graduation ceremony for officers from the Military College in Homs.

Syrian media said that a Syrian opposition drone carrying explosive targeted on Thursday, the graduation ceremony of military college officer students in Homs, western Syria.

The attack occurred immediately after the ceremony ended, and resulted in a number of casualties, with more than 60 dead, both civilians and soldiers, and dozens of wounded, including several were rushed to hospitals and they are in critical condition, among the families of the graduate officers, including women and children, in addition to a number of college students officers who participated in the graduation ceremony.

The General Command of the Syrian Armed Forces accused terrorists, and affirms that it will respond with all force and determination to these terrorist organizations wherever they are found, and stresses holding accountable the planners and executors of the attack, and aured that they will pay dearly.

According to the Syrian media, the Syrian Defense Minister General Ali Abbas along with the governor of Homs province, Numair Makhlouf attended the graduation ceremony, however they left before the attack.

Syrian social network pages posted photos of the drone wreckage.

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